Casino Vip Programs – How To They Work And What Perks Are Included?

Casino Vip Programs – How To They Work And What Perks Are Included?

With the rise of the online gambling industry casinos are obviously very keen to compete for players, and with this in mind most online casinos in the UK have now introduced a number of loyalty programs for those players who stick with them and which offer exciting rewards and promotions such as bonuses, cashbacks and goods. Most loyalty programs are connected to VIP programs and so being part of a loyalty scheme can often lead to the many benefits of VIP status and enable players to attain this status.

The rewards program works in online casinos in the UK by assigning points to VIP customers for each bet and deposit they make. With so many casino loyalty programs to choose from it is important to understand that it is the point system awarded to VIP customers that is the main difference between schemes.

As a general rule in order to become a VIP you may be expected to wager a significant amount of money, however that’s not the case with all online casino VIP programs and there are many forums and comparison sites so that you can check out what would be involved to achieve this level. What is just as important in order to become part of an online casino VIP program is to play consistently and collect points as most casinos will systematically review players’ ranks on a regular basis, so to maintain VIP status you need to continue to be an active gamer.

As an example of the difference between schemes, some online casino loyalty and VIP programs will offer 1 point and some 5 points for the same bet or deposit amount, or it may depend on the type of casino game played. Therefore, it is useful to check the details of different casino loyalty programs and this will give a good indication of how a casino rewards it’s most loyal players.

Certain loyalty programs also have promotions set up exclusively for their VIP program casino players and these can include special games and tournaments devised specifically for this group of customers to create more of an edge.

Poker Vip Programs

For seasoned poker players, whether professional or recreational, a VIP program can offer a number of reward schemes for loyalty to a particular casino and is not something that should be overlooked as there are amazing perks to be had.

As with the VIP schemes outlined above the more money you spend the more bonuses and rewards you will get. Some professional players play to break even and then benefit from the rewards they win. Recreational game players may use rewards to maintain their bankroll and get points for cash enabling them to play another game.

As with other VIP program casino games it’s good to shop around and compare the surprises that might be in store if you want to get to this level and some casinos are more user friendly than others. For example, some sites offer transparent poker VIP programs that make it easy to see how you move up the ranks towards the VIP program every time you join a tournament or play a hand of poker.

Casino Loyalty Programs

The very nature of gaming means it’s almost irresistible to aspire to the next level up and VIP status takes you right to the top with all the benefits that ensue. Online casinos in the UK all have different methods of awarding this status from automatically, depending on how much money you spend and how consistently you play, to those that require you to sign up and also certain poker programs that charge a VIP membership fee.

So if you are interested in going all the way up to becoming a VIP player, check out the details of the various online casino VIP programs and find out how you can enjoy benefits that could be anything from special satellite tournaments to luxury hotel stays in Las Vegas.